CESC, Cyclum Partner to Transform Truck Stop Network Infrastructure


Capstone Engineered Solutions Corporation (CESC), a provider of standalone power solutions, has established a partnership with Cyclum Renewable Truck Stops, a provider of sustainable infrastructure for the transportation industry. Under this agreement, CESC will collaborate exclusively with Cyclum to integrate renewable microgrids and electric vehicle charging stations with advanced controls systems into its truck stop network across the U.S.

This includes 18 currently identified locations along Interstate 5, I-80 and U.S. Route 99 and more highways connecting Cyclum locations in California from the Mexican to Oregon borders.

Cyclum’s vision for renewable truck stops is poised to redefine the landscape of transportation infrastructure. Its concept combines traditional and transitional fuels including diesel, renewable diesel and ethanol-based gasoline with renewable fuels including renewable natural gas (RNG) compressed natural gas (CNG), green hydrogen and electric vehicle charging/fast-charging capabilities.

Essential amenities such as convenience stores, restaurants and even hotels will be offered at select locations. This forward-thinking approach aligns with CESC’s expertise in designing and implementing sustainable power solutions.

“We are excited to join forces with Capstone Engineered Solutions Corporation to bring our vision of renewable truck stops to life,” says Randi Craig, active board member of Cyclum. “By partnering exclusively with CESC, we can ensure that our facilities are equipped with the most advanced and reliable energy systems available, offering truckers and travelers a sustainable and convenient experience.”

“This partnership marks a significant step forward in the transition toward sustainable transportation infrastructure,” adds Jim Crouse, chief executive officer of CESC. “By working exclusively with Cyclum Renewable Truck Stops, we have the opportunity to showcase the effectiveness and reliability of microgrid solutions in meeting the evolving needs of the transportation industry.”

Cyclum is set to break ground on the first few facilities in the coming months, with plans for over 400 locations nationwide in the pipeline.

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