Certarus Inks CNG Supply Deal with Permian Basin Company


Certarus Ltd. has entered into a two-year compressed natural gas (CNG) supply agreement with a large-scale, independent energy company located in the Permian Basin.

Through this contract, the undisclosed energy company will displace the use of diesel fuel across its entire suite of operations with locally sourced CNG. In addition to reducing carbon and other air emissions, the contract will deliver fuel cost-savings and result in lower overall mileage exposure associated with fuel transportation, says Certarus. This more effective use of natural gas in the Permian Basin will also contribute to reducing the amount of gas that would otherwise be flared in the region.

Under the agreement, Certarus will displace a minimum of 27 million gallons of diesel fuel with CNG, with an option for the energy company to expand up to 60 million gallons during the term. Certarus expects to commence CNG supply to the energy company under this agreement immediately.

Certarus has now entered into three major contracts this year in the Permian Basin. The company provides a fully integrated CNG solution for the North American market. Its primary business is creating a virtual natural gas pipeline through the compression, transportation and integration of CNG for the energy services, mining, forestry and industrial sectors.

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