Cenntro Starts Shipping LS260, LS100 Electric Vans to Europe


Cenntro Electric Group Ltd., an EV technology company with advanced electric commercial vehicles, has begun shipments of the Logistar 260 (LS260) multi-purpose, all-electric commercial vehicle and the Logistar 100 (LS100) to European markets. The first deliveries are ahead of schedule of the previously announced target date of Q1 2023.

The LS260 defines a new size in the van segment (Vehicle Class N1). With a length of 17.1 ft. (5.5 m), a width of 6.1 ft. (1.85 m) and a height of 6.7 ft. (2.04 m), the LS260 offers a load capacity of 264 cu ft (7.5 m3), two side loading doors and convenient rear doors with a cargo opening of up to 270°. Together with a payload of around 2821 lbs. (1,280 kg) and a range of up to 167 miles (270 km), the LS260 meets a wide range of applications for skilled trades, courier, express and parcel services, logistics solutions and facility management.

The LS100 is a versatile, compact, light cargo van purpose-built to serve diverse commercial applications, especially in population-dense urban areas. The LS100 has a range of 100 miles (119 km) (WLTP), 157 lbs. (522 kg) of payload, and a cargo capacity of 70.6 cu ft (2.08 m3).

The combination of its cargo space and multiple entry points at the side and rear of the vehicle make the city runabout ideal for a wide range of applications such as fast delivery and tradesmen’s emergency services, hospitality, and facility management.

The LS100 completed all homologation tests in compliance with the standards and requirements of the European Union (EU) in July and received type approval from the EU in August. The LS260 completed all tests in August and received type approval from the EU in October. As a result, both vehicles are eligible for sale in all 27 EU member states and other countries that adopt EU vehicle homologation standards.

“Both the LS260 and LS100 have received a strong response from our European customers and despite supply chain challenges we were able to move deliveries ahead of our original timeline of Q1 2023,” says Peter Wang, chairman and CEO of Cenntro. “We remain confident that Cenntro is well positioned to meet the growing demands for commercial EVs with vehicles that combine innovation and function without sacrificing performance, creating sustainable value for our customers and shareholders alike.”

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