Go2 Delivery Orders Five Electric Vans from Canoo


Sustainable logistics solutions provider Go2 Delivery has signed a definitive agreement to purchase five fully electric commercial delivery vans from Canoo Inc. with the potential to purchase up to an additional 85 vans. Go2 Delivery will integrate Canoo’s Class 1 Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle 130 (LDV130) into its delivery fleet to enhance operational efficiency, provide eco-friendly deliveries for customers, and significantly lower environmental impact.

The company selected Canoo’s LDVs to accelerate its commitment to becoming the leading carbon-free logistics company to meet the last-mile and other delivery transportation needs of its customers in Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay area.

Canoo’s all-electric LDV130s provide Go2 Delivery the durability, range, reliability, configuration and cargo space required to fulfill the rigorous demands of its logistics operations.

Go2 Delivery provides same-day courier and last-mile delivery services to B2B and B2C customers across retail, healthcare and e-commerce businesses.

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