Canoo Plans Debut of Class 2 Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle 190


Canoo Technologies, an advanced mobility company, says it is launching its new Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) 190, which expands the company’s lineup into the Class 2 electric cargo van segment.

“This newest vehicle offers even greater space and flexibility for fleet owners with the same unique technologically advanced performance of our original LDV 130,” says Tony Aquila, Canoo’s chairman and CEO. “As we build out our family of vehicles over time, we expect to continue to bring forward models and options that improve safety, reliability, performance and are zero emission.”

The LDV 190 shares the same Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP) as the LDV 130 but has a more beefed-up suspension system to handle the increased payload of Class 2 vehicles. It features the same dynamic handling and performance as the LDV 130, courtesy of Canoo’s patented steering by wire system.

Despite its increased payload load capacity and body length, the wheelbase and low center of gravity is maintained from the LDV 130. This ensures predictable driving behavior at all speeds while maintaining maneuverability at slow speeds and in urban areas.

The LDV 190 also features a unique and patent-pending interchangeable rear cargo cartridge, offering customer the ability to change between barn door, tambour door and a split tailgate configuration that incorporates a loading ramp. Customers will have the choice of dual 50/50 barn doors with 270-degree hinges that fold backwards against the body and provide ease of cargo access and easier loading of large objects.

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