California DMS Awards Regulatory Certification for FLO Metered Energy Billing


FLO has officially obtained certification from California’s Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) for its compliance under the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) for its CoRe+ and SmartTwo Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

This milestone allows FLO’s clients in California to benefit from a certified energy billing process based on actual measurement in kWh of electricity transferred during every charging session. FLO also supports billing options such as a per-charge flat fee and time-based billing. Additionally, FLO obtained its Registered Service Agency certification from DMS, which facilitates station deployment and improves customer experience allowing California station commissioning and calibration services to be performed by a single expert organization.

“As electric vehicle adoption ramps up, we observe more and more sophistication around energy consumption during EV charging. We strongly believe that energy-based billing, either alone or combined with time-based billing, will become increasingly common in the years to come because it provides flexibility and supports fairness for station owners and users” says Nathan Yang, chief product officer at FLO.

“While we have always been able to track the speed of charging and amount of electricity transferred during a charging session, government review and certification of our tools and methods is important because it validates the quality of our metrology and helps build consumer trust in energy-based billing rates, which is an important step for our company and for EV users,” adds Yang. “We are particularly pleased to have obtained this certification in California, one of the most advanced EV markets in the world.”

The CoRe+ and SmartTwo stations will, after initial calibration and commissioning in energy billing mode by a DMS Regulated Service Agency and, in conjunction with FLO’s network operating center, inform the user about the energy transferred to their EV in kWh, including the associated pricing, amongst other related information. Not only are certified FLO chargers pre-calibrated before leaving the factory, but they also allow for calibration once deployed, thanks to a special remote calibration functionality.

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