CA Transit Agency Deploying More Than 400 Ford E-Transit Vans


Public transit agency the California Vanpool Authority (CalVans) has purchased 403 Ford E-Transit vans through Model 1 Commercial Vehicles, a bus and transportation services dealer.

CalVans’ fleet of electric vans was upfitted by Forest River Bus. The fleet includes both 12-person and nine-person passenger vans upfitted for different configurations and route needs, including ADA compliance and room for passenger bags and tools.

“It’s encouraging to see adoption of electric vehicles happening at a significant scale,” says Tony Matijevich, president of Model 1. “We hope the move by CalVans – and their collaborative approach with Model 1 – emboldens other agencies and organizations to make the commitment to EV units.”

Matijevich notes that Model 1 has units in stock, as other organizations and agencies are expanding their fleets and considering EV.

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