British Columbia Tour Company Sets Sights on 100% Zero-Emissions


BYD (Build Your Dreams) Canada has been awarded an order for zero-emission battery-electric buses by WESTCOAST Sightseeing, a tour company in British Columbia.

According to BYD, WESTCOAST Sightseeing is the largest private bus operator in Vancouver. It has agreed to work exclusively with BYD on converting its entire fleet of 90 buses, which will include open-top buses and double deckers. WESTCOAST Sightseeing will also work to develop public charging infrastructure.

WESTCOAST Sightseeing recently added Electric Harbour tours to its line of sightseeing products, providing tours on a 100% electric boat in Vancouver.

“Our business is built around the natural beauty of our home, and we are especially conscious of the impact our day-to-day operations has on the environment,” says Rob Safrata, CEO of WESTCOAST Sightseeing. “We are proudly working towards a greener and more sustainable future. And adding electric buses and boats is the first step to achieve our goal in 2023 of becoming the first sightseeing firm in Canada with 100 percent electric vehicles.”

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