Blink Subsidiary to Deploy Hundreds of EV Chargers on University Campuses


Blink Charging Co.’s European subsidiary, Blue Corner, has signed a contract to sell and operate between 300 and 500 EV charging stations at KU Leuven campuses across Belgium.

KU Leuven, a research university, has engaged in an exclusive four-year sales contract, which also includes a 10-year service agreement for the operation of the charging stations.

“Europe is leading the transition to EV use, and we’re energized by the opportunities we’re seeing to increase our role in providing the infrastructure to support the advancement of the European EV charging landscape,” states Michael D. Farkas, Blink’s founder and CEO.

The award is being coordinated through the Blue Corner team based in Antwerp, Belgium, which continued to work for the company following Blink’s acquisition of Blue Corner.

Deployments are set to commence in the fall.

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