Blink Deploys Electric Vehicle Chargers with Citybest


Blink Charging Co. is collaborating with Citybest, a sustainable transport mobility app that connects passengers with sustainable taxis, drivers and ride-sharing services, to provide electric vehicle chargers in Latin America.

Through the agreement, Blink will install 50 Blink MQ 200 chargers at hotel chains in Mexico, with another 20 Blink EQ 200 chargers deployed in Chile. During the initial launch, Citybest will provide free charging to Citybest drivers and look to open access to public charging in the future.

“We are excited to collaborate with Citybest in this electric ecosystem that provides a valuable service and encourages further adoption of electric vehicles in Mexico and throughout Latin America,” says Michael D. Farkas, chairman and CEO of Blink Charging. “With the population of electric vehicles in the region expected to grow to an estimated 1.2 million by 2030, strategic partnerships like these are essential to support this exponential growth and serve EV drivers everywhere.”

Following the installations in Mexico and Chile that will begin in January 2023, Blink will deploy and install additional chargers in Colombia beginning March 2023. Working with Citybest, Blink is set to build an EV charging ecosystem to advance EV adoption in major cities throughout Mexico, Chile and Colombia with other countries within Latin America to follow.

The new Blink MQ 200 Level 2 charger planned for installation in Mexico helps make EV charging more accessible for drivers at destination locations. This advanced charger is well-equipped for multi-vehicle locations with a fast 50-amp output and effortless user experience. It offers 4G and WiFi connectivity, Smart Grid technology for direct communication to local utilities, local load management for two or more chargers to share power from a single circuit.

Scheduled for installation in Chile is the recently launched Blink EQ 200 Level 2 charger. With up to 50 amps of output, the three-phase AC charger is an intelligent, affordable and scalable charging solution that fits any location with its compact design. Both chargers are focused on providing efficiency and intelligent scalability, with growth in mind with supporting technologies such as Plug & Charge (ISO 15118) functionality which allows any vehicle with this capacity to start the charger instantly after plugging in, OCPP 2.0 and bi-directional charging (V2G).

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