Best Western Picks TurnOnGreen as EV Charging Supplier for Hotels and Resorts


Best Western Hotels & Resorts has selected Imperalis Holding Corp., to be renamed TurnOnGreen Inc., as an endorsed supplier of electric vehicle charging systems for their North American properties.

Under the agreement, TurnOnGreen will collaborate with Best Western to provide member hotels and resorts in the U.S. and Canada with TurnOnGreen’s affordable and flexible EV charging solutions, including the EV700 and the EVP700.

“We are thrilled to be an endorsed supplier of Best Western and look forward to supporting Best Western locations across North America as they build their EV charging infrastructure,” says Marcus Charuvastra, the company’s president. “The demand for EV charging services at Best Western is growing, and TurnOnGreen is pleased to provide their customers with access to affordable, durable and dependable EV charging hardware and network services.”

TurnOnGreen offers flexible EV charging solutions with a portfolio of residential, commercial and ultra-fast charging station products, charging management software, and network services. TurnOnGreen charging systems maintain high standards in the market and are Energy Star Certified and backed by an internationally recognized certificate of safety and performance.

“Becoming a Best Western endorsed supplier in the EV charging category provides TurnOnGreen with the opportunity to rapidly expand our EV charging network across the U.S. and Canada,” states Amos Kohn, TurnOnGreen’s CEO. “The EV market is expanding rapidly, and we are committed to meeting the charging needs of EV drivers at home, work and while on vacation at one of the many Best Western locations.”

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