BEAST and Nano BEAST Electric School Buses Continue WV Pilot Project


GreenPower Motor Co. Inc. says it has deployed Round 5 of its all-electric school bus pilot project in Calhoun, Putnam and Roane County school districts in West Virginia. Also, Upshur County, will continue to pilot the Nano BEAST making it the first school district during the project to use the school bus past the six-week mark.

“Over the course of the 2022-23 school year, our BEAST and Nano BEAST have proven their capabilities in cold weather, snowy conditions and mountainous terrain in both rural and urban counties across the state,” says GreenPower CEO and Chairman Fraser Atkinson. “We are looking forward to providing Calhoun, Putnam, Roane and Upshur County school districts a safe, sustainable way for children going to and from school during this round.”

This round of the pilot project comes one week after the state of West Virginia announced the purchase of 41 Type D BEASTs and Type A Nano BEASTs from GreenPower for school districts in the state.

This week, the three new counties participating in the pilot project will hold a press conference to discuss electrifying their school bus fleet, health and safety benefits for children and the community. This coincides with the first deployments of the three all-electric BEASTs in each county this week.

“Calhoun County Schools is delighted to participate in the fifth round of the pilot program and to further our commitment toward sustainable energy and transportation following our solar panel installation,” says Kelli Whytsell, superintendent of Calhoun County Schools. “We look forward to offering our students transportation in the safest and cleanest way possible.”

“Upshur County Schools appreciates the opportunity to pilot the Nano BEAST for a second time,” adds Melinda Stewart, assistant superintendent of Upshur County Schools. “Electric buses that produce zero emissions help to provide a cleaner and safer environment for all.”

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