Bauer Compressors Finds Strong CNG Partner in Sapphire Gas Solutions


Bauer Compressors Inc. and Sapphire Gas Solutions have formed a partnership allowing Sapphire to deploy, construct and maintain an array of state-of-the-art Bauer manufactured gas compressors and provide OEM parts servicing multiple industries in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Sapphire says it has a nationwide footprint and is heavily involved in compressed natural gas (CNG) station design, construction and maintenance services. Bauer offers a best-in-class warranty on all major components installed by Sapphire’s growing Bauer-certified technicians.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Sapphire Gas Solutions to provide them with long-lasting value and opportunity for growth on many different fronts,” says Tony Bayat, president of Bauer Compressors. “Sapphire Gas Solutions has a national profile that provides for greater leverage to develop world-class CNG stations with potential national accounts in the transportation and energy sectors.”

Sapphire and Bauer are also aligned strategically in methane mitigation technologies, including cross compression services, providing a reduction in fugitive emissions and flaring prevention when the gas commodity needs to be vacated from the pipeline, without release into the atmosphere, for planned or unplanned inspection or maintenance on major utility pipelines.

“This partnership with Bauer is a huge step forward for Sapphire,” says Sam Thigpen, CEO of Sapphire Gas Solutions. “Our nationwide operations footprint and project execution experience are true solutions-based approaches. Sapphire’s ability to partner with Bauer and provide the technology for these solutions is a much bigger value-add to the customer than each of us working as standalone vendors.”

Bauer has been building CNG compressor systems for over 40 years. All systems are built to the latest edition of the NFPA 52 code, and all critical control points, such as temperatures, pressures and electrical loads, are continuously monitored throughout the process to ensure safe and reliable operation of the compression system.

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