BAE Adapts Electric Drive System to Heavy-Duty Industrial EV Market


Electric propulsion company BAE Systems is bringing its next-generation power and propulsion technology to the heavy-duty industrial vehicle market. The company’s electric drive system provides a design which will help industrial vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEM) get their electric vehicles (EV) to market faster and at a lower installed cost.

“We are providing an all-inclusive solution to bring the industrial vehicle market one step closer to a zero-emission future,” says Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of power and propulsion solutions at BAE Systems. “Our next-generation components are the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of power electronics, delivering multifunctional capabilities in a compact and flexible design. This flexibility makes it easier for OEMs to cover multiple platforms, including traditional diesel and purpose built EVs.”

BAE Systems’ next-generation system for the heavy-duty industrial vehicle market builds on the company’s more than 25 years of experience in low- and zero-emission EV solutions for the transit bus and marine industries. The system uses fewer components and increases electrical efficiency. Its modular accessory power system (MAPS) and modular power control system (MPCS) also allow for scalable, customized solutions to provide the core power for a range of applications, from school buses and mining vehicles to sanitation and yard trucks.

Using a modular design, BAE Systems’ power electronics technology will provide both power and propulsion for battery electric, fuel cell and electric-hybrid vehicles. In addition to MAPS and MPCS, the next-generation system is available with central motor, electric axle, battery and fuel cell solutions. BAE Systems develops and services its electric propulsion technology at its facilities in Endicott (N.Y.) and Rochester (U.K.).

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