Autel Collaboration Intends to Provide MaxiCharger Products for Belgium


Autel, a pioneer in electric vehicle charging solutions, has established a strategic partnership with Efinance Belgium, an experienced supplier of high-quality charging solutions. As part of this partnership, Efinance Belgium will offer a comprehensive range of Autel MaxiCharger charging solutions.

“At Autel, we believe in the power of technology to transform the future, and our collaboration with Efinance Belgium is a significant step toward revolutionizing the EV charging landscape in Belgium,” says Ting Cai, CEO of Autel Europe.

Efinance Belgium, known for supplying a range of both AC and DC charging solutions, is set to become the distributor of Autel’s MaxiCharger products. This includes:

  • The MaxiCharger DC Compact, delivering a powerful 47-kW output, ideal for businesses requiring shorter charging times.
  • The MaxiCharger DC Fast, with a versatile range of 60-240 kW, is tailored for workplaces and commercial parking.
  • The MaxiCharger DC HiPower with charging capacity ranging from 320 up to 640 kW, offering ultra-fast DC charging potential to meet the needs of charge point operators and businesses with high-volume charging requirements.

By combining Autel’s technological prowess with Efinance Belgium’s local market expertise, the collaboration aims to accelerate Belgium’s journey toward a cleaner and more environmentally conscious future.

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