ANGI Working with Trillium on Transit Agency Hydrogen Refueling Station


ANGI Energy Systems (ANGI), a Vontier Corp. business and provider of alternative fueling solutions, is supplying its first full Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) to Trillium to be installed at Santa Clarita Transit in California.

HRS is a complete, end-to-end solution for hydrogen refueling, enabling fleet operators and transit companies an effective means of transitioning to zero-emission vehicles, the company says.

Santa Clarita Transit, a local transportation provider serving over 2 million riders each year, will take advantage of ANGI’s first HRS as part of its continued efforts to reduce its environmental footprint by shifting to cleaner energy. With the support of ANGI and Trillium, Santa Clarita Transit plans to transition to fuel cell buses as its CNG transit buses reach the end of their useful lives. This approach aligns with the city’s fleet replacement plan, which aims to replace one-twelfth of the bus fleet with cleaner alternatives each year, as well as California’s Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation, which requires all public transit agencies to gradually transition to a 100% zero‑emission bus fleet.

“Santa Clarita Transit has an impressive history of investing in clean energy solutions and has shown inspirational leadership to adopt alternative fueling platforms,” says Joel van Rensburg, president of Alternative Fuels at ANGI. “We are proud and excited to work with Trillium to supply our cutting-edge Hydrogen Refueling Station for this groundbreaking site that will benefit millions of Californians.”

ANGI’s HRS is based on a modular design, offering configurable and flexible systems with high reliability backed by a network of service and maintenance technicians. Cloud-connectivity ensures best-in-class performance and uptime through remote monitoring, energy management and preventative maintenance.

A typical HRS consists of a hydrogen dispenser, redundant compression capabilities, a site recirculation system, chillers, and a gas management panel that uses logic to control the flow and pressure of gas within the station.

Trillium is a member of the Love’s Family of Companies, which operates Love’s Travel Stops – North America’s leading travel stop network, with over 645 locations in 42 states.

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