AMPLY Offering New EV Charging Optimization Software Tool


AMPLY Power has released a charging optimization platform, called AMPLIFY, that is designed to give fleet operators and owners a complete view of their electric vehicle charging activities.

AMPLIFY is an automated, cloud-based software that tracks current electricity rates, vehicle charge status, fleet sizes and other data points in order to organize charging processes in a comprehensive dashboard. AMPLY manages and maintains AMPLIFY, allowing fleet operators to seamlessly track fleet operations with minimal effort or setup.

“Piloting fleet electrification with a few vehicles is one thing, but for the industry to make a concerted switch to electric, they require a reliable, up-to-date window into their electricity costs and charging operations,” says Simon Lonsdale, head of sales and strategy for AMPLY Power. “With AMPLIFY, anyone can actively monitor pricing, scheduling and other logistics, while AMPLY manages the day-to-day work of keeping vehicles charged and ready for service.”

Leveraging the latest in cloud technology and AMPLY’s unique API, the AMPLIFY platform uses real-time functionality to ensure energy pricing and scheduling transparency to maximize charging efficiency. The web-based portal is tailored for each fleet’s needs, taking into consideration facility layouts, vehicles in the fleet, mileage needs, daily operations and more. In addition, AMPLIFY provides predictive features to estimate the impact of future energy pricing or schedule changes.

Through its Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) model, AMPLY says it removes the risks and complexities related to the charging logistics of electric buses, trucks and passenger vehicles, in exchange for predictable pricing and a guarantee that vehicles are charged fully at the start of each workday.

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