American Battery Solutions Supplies Systems for Solo AVT Long-Haul Truck


Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies (Solo AVT), a vehicle hardware company for the freight transportation industry, has signed an initial agreement with American Battery Solutions (ABS) to develop the battery system for the SD1, Solo AVT’s battery-electric Class 8 long-haul truck, with 500+ miles of range.

Upon successful development, ABS will be the preferred high-voltage battery supplier for Solo AVT’s trucks.

“Electrifying long-haul freight movement is a critical step towards decarbonizing transportation. We’re proud to partner with Solo AVT as it leads the way in the long-haul truck industry,” says Dr. John Warner, chief customer officer at American Battery Solutions. “Developing a battery system for the SD1 not only accelerates the truck’s time-to-market, it will have an immediate impact on global sustainability initiatives. It aligns with ABS’s expertise in developing next-generation battery systems that electrify underserved segments in the transportation sector.”

“Part of the excitement of debuting our SD1 design is collaborating with innovative manufacturers in the industry to bring forth our mission of revolutionizing long-haul freight transportation. Partnering with ABS to design, create, and test a battery system that electrifies the market’s first clean sheet Class 8 truck is an essential part of this work,” states Graham Doorley, founder and CEO at Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies. “We look forward to partnering with ABS and pursuing the opportunity for battery-electric transportation with over 500 miles of range.”

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