Alpha Expands into Commercial Light-Duty Sector with ORYX Trucks


Alpha Motor Corporation has introduced its ORYX series of commercial light-duty trucks constructed on the WOLF electric truck platform. This marks an expansion of Alpha into the fleet market, leveraging the advantages of its modular vehicle platform, which streamlines a variety of electric vehicles to address mainstream mobility needs.

ORYX is more than a commercial vehicle; it doubles as a daily driver for individuals who prioritize utility. This underscores the flexibility of the WOLF platform, maintaining its excellence as a versatile work truck without compromise.

“Alpha’s modular vehicle technology efficiently addresses a wide range of mobility needs,” says Edward Lee, CEO of Alpha. “With ORYX targeting the commercial sector, we are confident that it will help accelerate net-zero emissions.”

Modular vehicle technology now drives Alpha’s commercial line of light-duty trucks, the ORYX. This platform transforms the commercial vehicle landscape with its versatility and adaptability. The core of ORYX is its modular chassis system, featuring interchangeable operational components and power supplies. Whether maneuvering through urban streets, supporting construction sites as a utility truck or transporting cargo, the ORYX adapts to meet diverse operational requirements.

ORYX can be equipped with a range of sustainable power supply options. This flexibility not only ensures optimal performance, but also empowers businesses to make eco-conscious choices without compromising functionality. With the ability to effortlessly transition between different power systems, the ORYX sets a standard for versatility, efficiency and sustainability in the commercial vehicle industry.

Derived from the WOLF electric truck platform, the ORYX offers numerous advantages for commercial users, including durability, versatility and customization options. With body-on-frame construction, ORYX trucks feature robust construction suitable for work environments. Featuring a 7.2-foot extended bed with removable drop sides and a flatbed design, ORYX delivers flexibility to diverse cargo transportation needs. Moreover, the modular structure of the WOLF platform enables easy customization, allowing businesses to tailor the trucks to specific requirements.

Besides single-cabin models accommodating two passengers, the company offers the ORYX PLUS, an extended cabin variant that seats up to four passengers. This provides ample interior cabin space and versatility to businesses with varied transportation needs.

The ORYX series is planned to be equipped with a towing capacity of up to 6,700 lbs., featuring a dual-motor setup with a combined power output of up to 300 kW. This configuration ensures it can handle heavy loads while offering ample power for efficient performance across various applications.

Photo credit: Alpha Motor Corporation

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