Allison Electric Axle Undergoes Testing with Hino Trucks Before Production Launch


Hino Trucks has completed the vehicle integration and commenced testing and validation of Allison Transmission’s next-generation eGen Power 100D fully electric axle in its XL series heavy-duty battery electric vehicles (BEV), as Hino progresses toward the start of production.

“When evaluating the electric axles available in today’s competitive market, Hino selected the Allison eGen Power 100D due to its outstanding benefits including electromechanical sophistication, a next generation controls system and industry-leading packaging,” says Glenn Ellis, senior vice president of customer experience at Hino Trucks. “Allison continues to be a true partner throughout the vehicle validation and development process. We appreciate their willingness to adapt and refine the e-Axle to meet our needs, and we’re thrilled to partner with Allison to bring Hino’s new, highly differentiated fully electric heavy duty trucks to market.”

“The next generation of our eGen Power 100D are now being built at our Auburn Hills, MI electric axle development and manufacturing facility,” states Rohan Barua, vice president of North America sales, global channel and aftermarket at Allison Transmission. “Allison’s extensive investments and experience in electric hybrid technology allow us to be well positioned to commercialize a broad portfolio of fully electric propulsion solutions, including electric axles.”

The fully integrated eGen Power 100D features two electric motors, each capable of generating 454 kW of continuous power, with peak combined power of 652 kW. The e-Axle integrates a two-speed gearbox within the central housing, enabling the high torque required to get heavy loads moving, while also offering the benefit of superior efficiency at cruise speed. The eGen Power 100D supports a 10.4-ton or 23,000-pound gross axle weight rating and includes differential lock functionality.

The performance and efficiency advantages directly translate to wide-ranging duty-cycles and increased range capability, optimizing the economic value the e-Axles deliver to end users. Through Allison’s global network of authorized distributors and dealers, Hino and its customers will have access to the training, service and aftermarket support needed to keep their vehicles running smoothly.

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