Alliance AutoGas Continues to Promote Transition to Alternative Fuels


Alliance AutoGas (AAG), an international network providing a comprehensive propane autogas solution for light-, medium- and heavy-duty fleets, says it has seen tremendous growth over recent years, as the movement to transition to alternative fuels has become more and more mainstream. 

As the autogas segment continues to develop, AAG has been committed to growing its national network of service and installation centers, adding 23 new locations in 2019 alone. To date, 127 locations nationwide are trained and certified to maintain and install the AAG Engineered system. 

By continuing to grow its conversion and installation center network, AAG is assuring the growth of the autogas movement for years to come, and adding to their already significant foundation of support for the more than 200,000 autogas vehicles already on the road.

Of these service centers, Kyker’s Extreme Automotive, which is owned and operated by Dale and Lisa Kyker, has served the Greeneville, Tenn., area since 1982. 

“We actually started propane conversions in 1988 for a local fleet, and one of those trucks is still in use today. Working with AAG has been simple and straight-forward, and the training was top-notch. The AAG conversion systems are relatively flawless and very well-designed,” says Dale Kyker.

“We believe propane is a great alternative fuel with less of a carbon footprint than gasoline. It can save the taxpayer money and increase our officers’ ability to stay on the scene, which makes it a win for everyone involved,” he adds. 

AAG is grateful for all its conversion and installation center networks across the county. These partnerships help unite the movement to make domestically produced autogas prevalent in the U.S., notes the company.

Photo: Advanced VTech, located in Buffalo Grove, Ill.

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