Alliance AutoGas Continues Adding EPA Certifications


To keep up with ever-evolving customer needs, Alliance AutoGas (AAG) has been committed to the continued research and development of its engineered bi-fuel systems, while simultaneously growing its list of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifications. 

In order to comply with clean air and emissions standards, all alternative fuel system manufacturers are required to obtain EPA Certificates of Conformity before allowing any converted vehicle to operate on public roads. AAG was awarded its first EPA Certificate of Conformity in August 2013, which covered Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra Trucks with the 6.0 L V8 engine. As of today, the company has been awarded 253 EPA Certificates of Conformity and 58 Intermediate Age Vehicle Notifications, certifying over 1,300 vehicles.

Each AAG engineered autogas system goes through rigorous testing before receiving EPA certifications. These tests include rolling road dynamometer emissions testing and engine dynamometer cell testing. Each year, AAG engineers build and test autogas systems for new vehicle platforms in order to meet the demands of fleets nationwide. 

“Autogas is a no-compromise fuel solution. The technology is proven on a diverse portfolio of vehicle platforms that include all major original equipment manufacturers (OEM),” says Ed Hoffman, president of Blossman Services, the distribution partner of AAG. “We have demonstrated how well autogas can integrate into even the most advanced modern fuel systems. Saying all that, a broad product offering is useless if it can’t be delivered to the customer flawlessly with proper local service support. That is how we will continue to grow.”

One main feature of the AAG autogas system is that you do not need to change your vehicle in order to upgrade to the environmentally friendly fuel. No permanent modifications are made to the vehicle itself, and the systems can be installed by a certified installer in as quickly as one day. Additionally, the bi-fuel system gives drivers the option to operate on gasoline or autogas, which eliminates range anxiety when compared to other alternative fuel vehicles.

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