Alexander Dennis Electric Bus Scores High Marks in Zemo Testing Program


Alexander Dennis Ltd., a subsidiary of bus and coach manufacturer NFI Group Inc., says that its next-generation Enviro400EV electric double-decker has completed the Zemo Partnership’s zero-emission bus testing and certification program.

The work, which was undertaken at UTAC’s approved test facility at Millbrook Proving Ground in the United Kingdom, confirms an average energy consumption of just 0.67 kWh/km across the UK Bus Cycle. This makes the next-generation Enviro400EV the most efficient battery electric double-decker tested to Zemo Partnership standards to date, delivering a 10% efficiency advantage over vehicles of comparable battery size.

The Zemo Partnership certifies vehicles that receive independent physical testing to ensure public money such as the UK government’s Zero-Emission Regional Bus Areas (ZEBRA) or the Scottish government’s Zero Emission Bus Challenge Fund (ScotZEB) support proven zero-emission vehicle technologies that will perform in service. The certificates provide an independent means for operators to compare different suppliers and technologies.

The UK Bus Cycle represents a mix of common operating conditions with separate phases modeled on inner urban, outer urban and rural routes. Thanks to its use of the heavy-duty version of the Voith Electrical Drive System, the Enviro400EV is extremely efficient across all parts of the cycle including the demanding inner urban element.

Combined with the Enviro400EV’s future-proof battery system, which is supplied by Impact Clean Power Technology and allows 88% of its 472-kWh capacity to be used, the 0.67 kWh/km energy consumption in the UK Bus Cycle gives the electric double-decker a theoretical operating range of up to 620 km (385 miles) on a single charge.

Alexander Dennis uses automotive industry-standard modeling tools to calculate indicative illustrations of efficiency, range and battery degradation under real-world conditions for an operator’s specific routes.

This is further enhanced by whole-vehicle AD24 aftermarket support throughout the vehicles’ operational lives, including the ability to monitor actual vehicle performance using AD Connect telematics.

“Our next-generation Enviro400EV’s class-leading energy efficiency of 0.67kWh/km is testament to Alexander Dennis’ lineage and strength in designing innovative products meeting the needs of the UK bus industry,” says Chris Gall, Alexander Dennis Group engineering director.

Besides demonstrating the Enviro400EV’s exceptional energy efficiency, its zero-emission bus certification also confirms that its well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions when charged with UK grid electricity are 84% lower than those of an average Euro VI diesel-equivalent vehicle. This allows the next-generation Alexander Dennis electric bus to deliver a substantial net reduction in lifecycle carbon emissions.

Over 150 next-generation Alexander Dennis Enviro400EV have been sold to date.

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