Agility Introduces ProRail CNG Fuel System


Agility Fuel Solutions, a global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, has introduced the fifth-generation ProRail CNG fuel system.

Since the ProRail family of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems was introduced in 2016, it has been used in a wide variety of applications and has powered tens of thousands of commercial fleet vehicles on the road. With fuel capacity options ranging from 30-60 diesel gallons equivalent (DGE) and the ability to be installed on one or both sides of the vehicle, the ProRail can be configured to meet a wide range of fuel capacity requirements. Building upon this proven track record, the new ProRail brings with it a series of advancements and new standard features. 

The ProRail is known for its lightweight and durable design, utilizing carbon fiber composite TUFFSHELL ACF Type 4 CNG cylinders. Agility’s engineers worked to minimize the ProRail’s impact on valuable frame rail space, reducing the length of the system by 10 inches. This reduction in length, combined with the easy to use Drop & Go mounting brackets allows fleet managers maximum flexibility when configuring vehicle layout.  

“We know how essential frame rail space is for our fleet clients,” says Eric Bippus, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Agility. 

“Our team worked very hard to decrease the footprint of the ProRail CNG fuel system and to leverage Agility’s Drop & Go mounting bracket system for ease of installation.  Additionally, we have also included our Fuel Management Module and BlueiQ Smart Gauge as standard equipment on all ProRail systems,” he adds.

In addition, the ProRail is 30 pounds lighter than the previous generation ProRail, remaining the lightest side-mount CNG fuel system available on the market, up to 25% lighter than the competition. Agility’s integrated Fuel Management Module (FMM), now standard on the ProRail, provides a fast-fill receptacle for up to 13% faster refueling, a de-fueling receptacle and ignition disconnect fuel caps.

The Agility BlueiQ Smart Gauge is now standard equipment on the ProRail, reducing range anxiety by providing real-time fuel economy, fuel level and distance to empty. BlueiQ’s Eco Mode and Driver Feedback help drivers manage fuel economy and avoid unplanned stops. A comprehensive suite of tools, including Cummins INSITE and Connected Diagnostics, can be integrated with most major telematics providers to support data-driven fleet management.

The system comes with built-in temperature sensors that provide early warning of potential thermal events, in addition to other features such as an integrated bumper bar providing side impact protection. The ProRail has been put through rigorous crash testing and fire safety testing using Agility’s testing program developed over two decades working with leading commercial vehicle OEMs.

Like the generation before it, the ProRail can be combined with Agility’s ProCab behind-the-cab CNG fuel systems for added fuel capacity and range.

Photo: Agility Fuel Solutions’ ProRail CNG fuel system

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