Affinitiv Division Provides Dealerships with EV Strategies and Solutions


Affinitiv, a provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions to the automotive market, has launched a new electric vehicle (EV) division, Voltage.

Affinitiv Voltage ensures the sales and service department of each dealership is prepared for EVs. The comprehensive approach to the EV environment is based on Affinitiv’s technology and services fueled by Atlas DX, an integrated predictive intelligence platform designed to deliver complete solutions for dealerships. The company’s new EV Division will be led by Brian Wayne, Voltage Division’s president; it is chartered with orchestrating the development of EV products and services across the Affinitiv platform.

“Because the automotive industry continues to evolve, there is a need for a solution to address the unique customer journey for an EV adopter,” says Wayne. “Most OEs are anticipating 30-40 percent of all sales to be EV in the next eight years, which means OEMs and dealers need to act now, or risk being left behind. Affinitiv Voltage is that solution and I’m excited to launch this division to our customers to grow the EV footprint through our technology and services.”

Through Voltage, Affinitiv will provide dealerships with a customized EV workshop to assess and understand their specific needs as well as an EV-readiness survey to see how well they score against other dealerships. In addition, with the core focus on technology and services, Affinitiv will implement the most needed products to fill the gaps and assist the customer throughout the entire EV customer journey.

“Affinitiv Voltage is leveraging our experience working with thousands of dealers and enabling billions of communications across the automotive lifecycle,” comments Adam Meier, CEO at Affinitiv. “We are helping dealers, dealer groups, and OEMs adapt to the unique and rapidly evolving EV customer journey while cultivating loyalty and sustainable, predictable growth.”

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