ABC Companies Deploys Ideanomics WAVE Wireless Charging in U.S., Canada


Ideanomics, a global company focused on accelerating the commercial adoption of electric vehicles (EV), has signed an agreement with ABC Companies, a provider of motorcoach, transit and specialty passenger transport equipment in the U.S. and Canada, allowing ABC Companies to become a certified reseller of WAVE’s wireless inductive charging technology in North America. The resale partnership expands WAVE’s distribution across North America and into private charter fleets.

“Our WAVE wireless charging technology is a proven solution that solves a major concern we’re hearing from fleet operators about going electric: ‘what happens when I run out of charge?’,” says Robin Mackie, president of Ideanomics Mobility. “With our wireless charging technology, fleet operators can cut the cord, keep their electric fleet running, and stop worrying about vehicle downtime for charging at centralized depots.”

ABC Companies and WAVE, a subsidiary of Ideanomics, executed this agreement. This collaboration builds on the successful deployment of the WAVE charging system to select ABC customers. The systems range from 125 kW to 500 kW, and a 1 MW charger in development.

At the heart of WAVE’s wireless charging solution is a proprietary ruggedized and fully automated charging pad. High power is delivered over the air from the roadway-embedded charging pads to receivers mounted on a vehicle’s undercarriage. Charging begins as soon as the vehicle aligns on top of the in-ground pad. The WAVE system is easy to operate and maintain, with no moving parts or overhead charging infrastructure. As an added benefit, WAVE wireless charging is a reliable way to charge EVs. It requires no incremental labor for manual operations and zero handling of high-power cables.

“As we continue to expand our portfolio of OEM aftermarket products and services, we need to deliver industry leading charging solutions,” states Roman Cornell, president and chief commercial officer at ABC Companies. “WAVE is an ideal fit for many types of fleets and this partnership will enhance our offerings for our current and future customers. Beginning in 2020, we began delivering fully electric motorcoaches, and now offer zero emissions options from eight to 75 passengers. The expanding electric vehicle portfolio has greatly increased the number of customers choosing sustainable solutions. Now that we are expanding our charging options, we are helping the transportation industry transition to electric.”

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