24M Technologies, Volkswagen Partner on Lithium-Ion EV Battery Technology


FREYR Battery’s partner, 24M Technologies Inc., and Volkswagen Group (VWAG) say they are manufacturing next-generation lithium-ion EV batteries using 24M’s SemiSolid platform.

The partnership is focused on the development of production technology for SemiSolid battery cells for use in VWAG electric vehicles (EV).

VWAG will also make a strategic investment into 24M. In addition to the direct investment, VWAG will establish a wholly owned subsidiary that will, in cooperation with 24M, develop a SemiSolid battery cell production technology for automotive applications.

“The development of next-generation EV battery cells based on 24M technology is a critical element of FREYR’s long-term strategy to speed up the adoption of affordable EVs,” says Tom Jensen, CEO of FREYR. “With EV demand on the rise, we are exceptionally pleased to see today’s announcement of a collaboration between 24M and Volkswagen, which validates the technical versatility of the innovative SemiSolid platform.”

“The 24M mission is to develop a better, cleaner energy future powered by SemiSolid technology,” states Naoki Ota, 24M’s president and CEO. “Our collaboration with FREYR and now Volkswagen will significantly expand the 24M technology capabilities, with a goal to fast-track electric vehicle adoption globally.”

In 2020, FREYR signed a license agreement with 24M with rights to unlimited production of battery cells based on 24M’s current and all future technology. This will enable FREYR to benefit from 24M’s ongoing R&D and integrate future versions of the SemiSolid platform into its production and sales of battery cells into all market segments.

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