Volvo Achieves Milestone with 3,000 Electrified Buses Sold Worldwide


Volvo Buses says it has sold 3,000 hybrid, electric hybrid and electric buses to customers in 22 countries in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

In 2016 alone, the company sold a total of 533 electrified buses.

Following the introduction of Volvo’s first hybrid buses in 2010, sales have increased steadily, as the product range has undergone continuous development and expansion. Today, Volvo offers comprehensive system solutions for electrified public transport with hybrid buses, electric hybrids and all-electric buses. As reported, the hybrid models are available in a conventional 12-meter configuration, as articulated models and as double-deckers.

Volvo’s range of electrified buses includes the following:

  • Hybrid buses: Volvo 7900 Hybrid, Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated, Volvo Hybrid Double Decker (B5LH9) – Volvo’s hybrid buses are up to 39% more energy-efficient than a corresponding diesel bus.
  • Electric hybrids: Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid, Volvo Electric Hybrid Double Decker (B5LHC) – up to 60% more energy-efficient than a corresponding diesel bus.
  • All-electric buses: Volvo 7900 Electric – up to 80% more energy-efficient than a corresponding diesel bus.

According to the automaker, the largest single market for Volvo’s hybrid buses thus far is the U.K., which accounts for almost half (1,425) of the total of 3,000 sales. Other major markets are Colombia (468), Sweden (196), Spain (137), Germany (135), Switzerland (129) and Norway (109). Over the past two years, demand for Volvo hybrid buses has also increased in eastern Europe, with a healthy sales trend in Estonia (44) and Poland (48).

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