Refuse Fleet Purchasing Hexagon Agility Modules for Mobile Natural Gas Refueling


Hexagon Agility, a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites, says it has received orders for Mobile Pipeline modules and renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel systems from a major refuse fleet in North America.

The modules will be used in mobile refueling of the company’s growing fleet of natural gas vehicles.

“We applaud our customer for their continued commitment to reduce emissions through use of renewable natural gas,” says Miguel Raimao, vice president of mobile pipeline at Hexagon Agility.

“These orders demonstrate the great synergy across our product portfolio. Our mobile refueling modules enable fleets to accelerate adoption of natural gas vehicles at locations lacking fueling infrastructure. Conversely, the growing demand for natural gas vehicles is driving the need for mobile refueling solutions,” he adds.

Research shows that RNG derived from agricultural waste can offer more than 200% improvement in well-to-wheel emissions compared to diesel and is the only carbon-negative fuel available, the company says.

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