Blossman Gas Selected to Fuel Henry County School Buses


Henry County has selected Blossman Gas, a company that delivers propane and propane appliances, to provide the fuel needed for its autogas buses.  

Blossman Gas, along with Superior Energy Systems, provided the county with fuel infrastructure to ensure the school district had the capability of refueling on-site. Two propane autogas dispensers and an 18,000-gallon skidded tank were included in Henry County’s infrastructure. School technicians were then trained by Blossman Gas staff to fuel the buses and safely handle propane.

“Henry County Schools in Georgia made the decision to purchase Blue Bird buses with the ROUSH CleanTech propane fuel systems. With this decision, we also partnered with Blossman Gas as our propane fuel provider,” says Cliff Shearouse, executive director of transportation for Henry County Schools.

“Blossman has been a valuable partner and resource as we have stepped through the new fuel station installation over the past several months. They have stepped us through this process answering all our questions and ensuring our fuel infrastructure is what we need for today’s propane buses and those we plan to purchase in the future. Blossman has been a true partner through this process and we are now able to fill our propane buses onsite from our own propane tank,” he adds.

To date, Henry County Schools has used over 84,000 gallons of autogas in the district school buses.

Photo: Henry County’s propane fuel infrastructure

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