Order the perfect resume - Where and why?

You are probably already familiar with the main interview questions that almost every HR manager asks. So, it will allow you to answer confidently professional online resume services. It turns out that by timely creating a high-quality resume on your own or by ordering it to be written by an expert from us, you will find a successful answer to almost half of the employer's questions! This increases the chances of success: the likelihood of surprises at the interview is reduced by 45%.

Question number 1: Why did you decide to look for a job

A perfect resume always has a “Purpose” section. If the resume is written correctly, then this section indicates not only the position for which the professional wants to get a job, but also briefly indicates the reason for the change of job, which should be voiced at the interview. Why an employee changes jobs is a critical question that reveals the aspirations and personality type of the candidate.

Question # 2: Tell us about yourself

This question is overwhelming: we know so much about ourselves, it is difficult to formulate a short answer quickly. Where to begin? How much to tell? What exactly is the HR officer interested in?

To do this, take a look at the section of your resume called Achievements, Qualifications, or Key Skills. It is about them that you should tell.

Question # 3: What are your strengths

Reread the Achievements, Qualifications, or Key Skills sections of your ideal resume. What adjectives did the expert describe your image? Do you see the words "mature", "active", "decent"? Or does a career counselor refer to you as “ambitious and efficient” on your ideal resume? Or maybe “creative” and “full of new ideas”? Or "stress-resistant", "executive" and "attentive to detail"? Do not hesitate - boldly name these strengths. They characterize the ideal candidate for the vacancy you are applying for.

Question number 4: What are your achievements

Well, it's as simple as that! An ideal resume always contains a section "Achievements" (if the work involves measurable results: for sales managers, directors, call center operators, programmers) or a section "Key skills" if the work is of a process or support nature.

Question number 5: What is your hobby

Most people have several exciting hobbies. But not all of them need to be narrated in the interview. If you have ordered the perfect resume from an expert, your resume will only contain one hobby: the one that complements your professional portrait. Feel free to tell us about it if asked.

So, the magic: by ordering the perfect resume, you increase not only the chances of getting an interview, but also successfully pass it! After all, the perfect resume gives the correct answers to almost half of the typical interview questions!

A professionally written resume not only practically, but also psychologically prepares the candidate for the interview: it reflects the most important achievements and automatically increases self-esteem.